LAE Services

All legal services

If you live in San Francisco and are over 60 or an adult with disabilities, you may be eligible for free legal services. We provide advice, referrals and/or representation at no cost to eligible individuals who are experiencing the following challenges.



Tenants facing eviction, illegal rent increases,  denials of reasonable accommodations of their disabilities and some other housing issues.


Elder Abuse

Elders who are victims of physical or financial abuse.


Benefits Advocacy

Elders facing a decrease or denial of income benefits, such as SSI and SSDI.‍


End of Life Planning

Elders & disabled adults who need simple wills and end of life planning. We collaborate with AIDS Legal Referral Panel to provide services tailored to our LGBTQ Elders.


Healthcare Advocacy

Elders & disabled adults facing denial of coverage for Medicare/Medi-Cal, inappropriate hospital or rehabilitation facility discharge​ or other healthcare services denials.


Consumer Debt

Elders & disabled adults who are experiencing consumer or debt collection problems.

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We do not provide legal advice via email. If you are seeking legal assistance, please call us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your eligibility requirements?

Our services are available to San Francisco residents age sixty and over and San Francisco residents age eighteen through fifty-nine who are disabled.

What legal problems with you assist with?

  • Housing related problems, especially eviction defense, illegal rent increases and habitability

  • Problems obtaining or retaining public benefits (Note: LAE will not assist clients in obtaining benefits based on a disability)

  • Problems resulting from elder abuse

  • Significant problems with creditors

  • Life Planning

  • Health Related Legal Issues

  • Other problems, as staff time and staff expertise permit

Are there any legal problems you won't assist with?

  • Any problem involving criminal charges

  • Any problem involving the Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Vehicle Code, or arising from a vehicular accident

  • Any problem involving state or federal taxes

  • Any problem arising from a business or commercial venture on the part of the client

  • Any problem for which representation by the private bar is available on a contingent fee basis

  • Any problem involving bankruptcy

As a general rule, we will not provide representation to eligible clients who are:

  • Respondents in restraining order cases

  • Conservators in conservatorship cases

  • Master tenants seeking to evict sub-tenants

Do I have to be very low income to quality for your services?

No. All eligible clients are served regardless of income.

Do you charge for your services?

No. All services are free.

Do you serve clients who are homebound, hospitalized or reside in a skilled nursing facility?

Yes, we will go to the clients place of residence if necessary.